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What We're About
Gadgets And Khajiits is made up of a group of people who absolutely love games, TV and movies, and have a passion strong enough to write about them. Whether its big-budget games or indies, blockbusters or fan-made films, or action-packed TV shows or light-hearted comedies, we'll probably write about it at some point. Our aim is to interest you enough to not immediately click off the site, so if you're reading this, we did something right!

The People


I'm Sam, and I'm a huge fan of indie games - anything from Undertale to Super Meat Boy to Gang Beasts, I'll probably love it. I'm also a fan of franchises such as Just Cause, Grand Theft Auto, Burnout, Tony Hawk, Crash Bandicoot and pretty much every Rockstar game ever made. I love the PS2 era the most, with games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and GTA: San Andreas being some of my favourite games of all time. On the TV side of things, I'm partial to Scrubs, Community and Portlandia. Oh yeah, and I'm pretty good at Just Dance - don't question me about that.


Well, things to know about me: I do the Tuesday Takes and I'm mostly into Open World Sandboxes, Action/Adventures, RPGs, and Shooters, but I don't mind the odd RTS or sports game. Just don't give me any simulators or games which are either for kids or involve physical activity. In terms of pop culture, I'll watch whatever interests me - so Daredevil, the Avengers, Game of Thrones, some animes - whatever's good, really. I'm also a Filipino, do with that what you will.


Hi, I'm Joe! I started player MMOs during the final months of Star Wars Galaxies before moving onto Star Wars: The Old Republic, where I currently reside on the The Red Eclipse. I also love franchises such as The Sims, Saints Row and Mass Effect, and my favourite shows include The Good Wife, Madam Secretary, Scandal and The West Wing.


Hello! I'm James, and a simple mix of PC and console gaming and TV is what I get by on. I usually like to play RPGs and stealth games, but I'm also a fan of First Person Shooters. As for TV and Movies, I love comedies, action, and horror, such as Wilfred, American Horror Story and Breaking Bad.

Post Schedule

Monday: James' Take

Tuesday: Carlo's Take

Wednesday: Sam's Take

Thursday: Joe's Take

Friday: Our Weekend, in which all members of the team talk about their weekend plans.

Saturday: SWTOR Saturday, in which Joe wraps up the week's SWTOR news

Sunday: The Week Ahead, in which we talk about the upcoming week in games and movies