Monday, 5 September 2016

James' Take: Abzu

Abzu is a beautiful work of art from Giant Squid who are led by Matt Nava, the art director behind Flower and Journey. The game is currently being showered with praise and heralded as the Journey of the sea. I sat down one night with my mind open and opened this game, and it was one of the greatest 'experience' games I've ever played. By the end of the game I was sitting grinning dumbly whilst watching the credits.

The Good Stuff

First of all, the control scheme. On the steam store, it is highly recommended that you use a controller and I cannot stress enough that you should. The controller makes every move feel natural and flowing, which is perfect for a game type such as this. You will find yourself being able to pull off the boost into a flip naturally by the end of the game.

The atmosphere that is created during the game is also masterfully crafted. There are areas where you can meditate whilst looking at all of the different species of sea creatures swimming around you and others where you will come across the main 'antagonist' of the game which genuinely do give you a sense of risk and danger. There are areas where the game's soundtrack flourishes as you swim through a current and others where it is solemn and reflective.

The soundtrack. Simply amazing. There seems to be a full orchestra that have made the soundtrack with a mix of vocals and strings which are done just right to add to the atmosphere of the area. Genuinely one of the best soundtracks in a game by far for me and I cannot praise it enough.

The art style of the game is also very well done. It has a very broad colour palette in the areas closer to the surface such as in the picture below and a large amount of deep blues in some of the areas where you dive deeper into the ocean.

I have to applaud the large amount of species of fish that are in the game too. It's a small detail, but as you watch the bigger fish eat the little fish as you go along and see the rest of the school frantically swim away, it really adds to the immersion.

The not so good stuff

I only have one complaint about the game, however I can see why it is the way it is. I finished this game in just over 2 hours and I ended up going back just to look at all of the species of fish again and take in the scenery. However, I can see why this decision was made as the end product is very very good.


Why haven't you bought this game yet? Here click this and checkout. Jokes aside though, I would highly recommend this game and advise you to sit down with a good drink and just play this game one night. This is defiantly an essential game to play

"I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed Journey or Flower or anyone who just wants a relaxing game to play"

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