Friday, 22 July 2016

Joe's Take: Star Wars Celebration Europe: Games

Here is a wrap-up of Star Wars Celebration Europe that I attended last week. This article will focus on the Games shown and discussed at the EA Star Wars Panel. Let's Jump in!

Rouge One and Battlefront Expansion! 
We got a first look at the next Battlefront Expansion (Read our review Here!). This expansion finally will add long awaited space battles, something many of us were disappointed was not available at launch. The first expansion to release this Autumn (Fall) is the Death Star expansion. I'm sure many of us have fond memories of the BattlefrontII Death Star map and hopefully this expansion will be able to fill that gap. Than coming around Holiday time, will be the Rouge One expansion to tie into the upcoming Star Wars movie. Also, Bossk and Chewie are being added to the game with this expansion pack. As well as allowing you to take part in the famous trench run down the Death Star.

Star Destroyer

Star Wars: The Old Republic- Knights of the Eternal Throne. 
Another Star Wars game that was 'teased' is the follow up expansion to KOTFE. However, not much was shown of the expansion other than an image showing- well- not much. This teaser received mixed reviews as some players have just had enough of the single player story, but the larger problem was that there was such a buildup for this expansion announcement but than nothing was actually announced. This disappointed many fans of the game as there was little point in putting it in the Panel as nothing of relevance was discussed. There was also an infographic, revealing some of the community's most impressive feats over the last five years. But having Lana Beniko, a companion anyone who plays KOTFE unlocks was a bit of a cop-out to be honest as she would obviously be the most recruited companion. Whereas they should have included only non-KOFE choices. You can watch the SWTOR 5 year Anniversary video here. So overall, this was an announcement that an announcement was coming later.

The Untitled Star Wars Game. 
We also learned slightly more about Amy Henning's and Visceral's Uncharted esc game. Stating that she wants players to feel ''like they played a Star Wars film. That means getting the structure right. Getting the tone right. Stakes and jeopardy. And it also means channeling what distinguishes the Star Wars films in game form''. Adding that 2018 couldn't get here sooner.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more!

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