Monday, 11 July 2016

James' Take: Total War: Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer is the latest installment to the Total War franchise and it lives up to all the hype it was given pre-release. The game is set in the Warhammer fantasy universe created by Games Workshop around the End times when the new Everchosen of the Choas, Archaon, is set to invade the Realms of the mortals. The game features everything you would expect from a Total War game, campaign, custom battles, some new challenge battles and a co-op campaign.

The Good Stuff 

First off, campaign mode. The new campaign mode is really quite fun, with you marching across the Warhammer world, conquering settlements and building your Kingdom. You get the choice of 5 base races to play as, 6 if you bought the DLC or bought the game within the first seven days, Empire, Dwarfs, Bretonnia (who appear to not have a campaign mode), Vampire Counts, Greenskins and Warriors of Chaos with the DLC.

The campaign is unique to each race, with different Lords to lead your units and playstyles and mechanics to play with. For example, the Vampire Counts have the ability to raise the dead to build their armies and the Dwarfs can use the underway to move about the map quickly.

Battles are absolutely epic. Just the enormous sense of scale and the ability to have 6 armies of around 2000 men on the battlefield at one time and render such beautiful scenery, I just have to applaud the development team. All in all, battles feel more real than ever, down to the point where you can zoom in on a single Chaos Warrior and hear him scream "Blood for the Blood God!" blood and mud covers the faces of your men as they charge into your enemies' units.

The new magic system is also quite intersesting, with it relying on the amount of Winds of Magic points that you have to cast spells. The is a welcome addition as the enemy will not be able to spam Comet of Cassandora on all of your units.

Steam workshop support allows for modifications to the game, including more immersive cameras and alternate looks to almost every unit. A free DLC plan has also been announced for the game, with the first of the 10 to come already been released in the form as a new unit for the Vampire Counts.

The not so good stuff

Unfortunately, there is some faults to the game. Performance drops will be frequent when doing large battles on lower end rigs with the game being mainly CPU based to cater for all the units on the screen.

The free DLC also seems to be slightly ripped from the game as before this new DLC was released, the Vampire Counts did not have much good cavalry as this DLC adds. Also, with a new race on the way, it begs the question of whether it will be cast aside like Bretonnia were and not given a campaign or fully fleshed out Lords and Units.


With all of these points taken into consideration, this is definately a game worthy of it's title and place within the franchise being the first good Warhammer game in a long time. But, I would warn you that you will require a higher end rig to run this game properly and experience the game without to many performance drops.

"I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys either the Total War or Warhammer franchises"

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