Tuesday, 26 July 2016

James' Take: Human Fall Flat

Personally, I'm not much of a puzzle game person purely because of my incompetence and having to use my brain for more than 3 seconds, but Human Fall Flat, an indie game from No Brakes Games made me appreciate them a bit more.

Human Fall Flat was recently released to the Steam Store with console versions coming soon. The game features you, just a regular human named Bob, making your way through a set of floating dreamscapes. The end goal of the game is to escape the recurring puzzles and explore the surreal areas you are thrust into.

The Good Stuff

Human Fall Flat is, in itself, a fun and quirky physics based puzzle game with fully interactive environments and secrets to find within the game. There's a total of 8 dreamscapes to go through (which to me is fair for the price of £12) and a local co-op mode which is quite unusual for games nowadays.

The puzzles are of course a key element to the game and thankfully they are put together well. Not being a huge fan of puzzle games, I was able to go into this game and still have fun. The puzzles are physics based as mentioned above, with you moving boxes in a Portal-esque style on top of pressure plates and swinging from trapezes. Everything feels fluid, which is a sign of good development for No Brakes Games.

The dreamscapes are seamlessly strung together, with you falling out of the end of one just to skydive onto another. Each dreamscape has a different theme, with there being a medieval themed castle and a modern construction site.

The game's core mechanics are introduced to you rather amusingly early on with you picking up remotes that teach you how to 'get high' (climbing) and grab objects with interaction.

Graphical options are slightly limited but that is to be expected from a game as minimalistic as this. The art style does suit the game in my opinion, and brought back some fond memories of Gang Beasts and Grow Home.

The not so Good Stuff

Unfortunately, I did have a few problems, but most of them are nitpicky and not real game breaking problems. The most prominent is how in some areas such as the construction one, it is not entirely clear where to go in some places which may throw some people off and some areas where physics is required may not behave in the way you would expect such as the boat section.

My more nitpicky problems are that the music in the game could have been used more often as it only pops in during certain sections, however for some people who prefer to listen to their own music it may be good. Up to preference. Another was that it would have been nice to have an editor/Steam Workshop support to add extra replayability, but this could be patched in at a later date.


Human Fall Flat is a quirky and unique little game that I rather enjoyed playing through. The game has it's own charm with it's customizable Bob character and being driven by creativity. Good job by the developers.

Thank you to the developers for sending us a review copy.

"I would recommend this game to any fans of Gang Beasts or Grow Home."

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