Saturday, 7 May 2016

Joe's Take: Marble Mountain Review

| My review of Marble Mountain | 

Marble Mountain is a crazy, up down round and round puzzle game which can provide a lot of fun to those who are puzzle game novices and those who love them. The game is also available for VR (Virtual Reality) which I can imagine would be much more fun- or terrifying- depending on your view. Let’s go into further detail.

This game is very relaxing to play, and can be a quite calm experience. Its simple controls allow you to be drawn into the colourful world, allowing you to lose track of time. There is also a lot of game play detail such as secret areas, collectables and treasures; even time limits on certain rewards for those who need a little more ‘thrill’ in their gameplay. (Look for the Indiana Jones hat). Also the moving camera angles and ability to respawn make this game much more accessible to everyone as you don’t have to constantly stop to move the camera.

There is not much bad about this game. I would also recommend the controller for this game as it makes the experience a lot easier. You maneuver a long narrow paths, over ramps and even a roller coaster. Making it a much simpler task to use a controller. That said, not everyone has that option. Yes the graphics could be better. But to be honest for £6.99 ($9.99) there is not much more you could expect. It’s not like this game has a story or would have detailed cut scenes. It’s just a classic puzzle game.

This might have been a short review, but really there is not much to say – it’s a nice change to just have a simple game. Overall, I enjoyed this game. I thought it was interesting to play and just something different. It might not be overly hard, but it’s worth a try. And a great homage to the puzzle games of past. I would recommend this game for:

‘Anyone who just wants to have some fun playing a casual game.’

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