Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Week Ahead!

Ratchet and Clank finally gets a European release on PS4 this on Wednesday (Europe) and Friday (UK) with the American version having released last week, and it's looking pretty good so far - 95% of the critics on Opencritic have recommended it. A re-imagining of the first game, it's mostly been praised for its stunning graphics, and has made a few changes while still keeping the core gameplay at heart.

Also releasing is Loud on Planet X, from the developers of the awesome Sound Shapes, which hits PS4 and PC on Tuesday, and Android & iOS on Thursday. It's a mix of rhythm games such as Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Plants vs Zombies, where you have to defend your band from aliens by timing sound blasts to the beat of the music. Featuring artists such as METZ, Tegan and Sara, and Cadence Weapon (as well as 3 bigger artists that are yet to be announced) it looks to have something for everybody.

In terms of films, we have the delightfully obscure Elvis and Nixon, which hits cinemas in the US on Friday - 22 years after Nixon's death - before releasing on Amazon later. With everyone's favourite politician actor Kevin Spacey taking on the role of Tricky Dick and Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon portraying Elvis, the film is set on 21st December 1970, the day that  The King visited the White House in order to get a DEA permit, most probably in order to get access to an inhumane amount of drugs. It looks quirky and niche, but it could be a laugh.

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