Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Sam's Take: Why Broforce is Awesome

I've been playing Brofroce lately, and it's been awesome, plastering a big, dumb smile over my chiseled, Adonis-like (I hope) face. This game is absolutely stupid fun - explosions fill the screen in every mission, suicide bombers constantly charging at you, screaming enemies falling out of their rubble-filled hideouts, destructible terrain crumbling everywhere, and copious amounts of testosterone flowing throughout.

The huge variation of - sigh - “Bros” in the game is what makes it so interesting, making Broforce surprisingly tactical for a game of its ilk. Every character plays different, with their own abilities and weapons - there’s Rambro’s machine gun, Macbrover’s dynamite, Brodator’s spears, Brade’s blade, Cherry Broling’s gunboots - switching between bros means you have to constantly change the way you play, keeping you on your broes and ensuring that the gameplay stays fresh. There are over 30 of them, too, so it never gets stale.

It’s got so much charisma in it, too, combining nostalgia from 80s pop culture and games, as well as hefty dose of Team America esque satire, yet it’s not in the game for the hell of it - it actually adds something (after all, I wasn’t even alive in the 80s and I can’t get enough of this) Broforce plays out as a refined and polished run-and-gun of old, and its fully destructible worlds mean you can tunnel under and around enemies with ease.

The atmosphere that this game creates is one so mad that Tim Curry’s SPACE monologue would be a feasible event. Everything from the extremely enthusiastic announcer to the excellent mission briefings - including countries such as Irakistan, Youkraine, and Cambrodium - are an excellent mix of the aforementioned satire and macho movie-star culture. The fact that the game’s map is a miniature version of Earth in which you can fly around in a helicopter is one of the many things that makes Broforce a very special game.

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