Monday, 22 February 2016

James' Take: Adr1ft wishlist

While I was scouring the Internet the other day, I stumbled across this game called Adr1ft that is coming out at the end of March. So I did a little more digging and found out that it is going to be an 'immersive first person experience of an astronaut in peril'. This really intrigued me and now I'm relatively hyped, so I thought I'd make a wishlist.

1. Deep Story and interesting characters
After playing through Firewatch the other day, I noted how much character development there was and how that played into the plot, making you have a real connection with the story and protagonists. For example, at the beginning of Firewatch, you make some choices to determine how your relationship with your wife is, and this affects you throughout the game.

If this game is going to succeed as an immersive first person experience, I would definitely expect this kind of player to character interaction within, maybe some choices that affect how the story plays out or how you survive in the hostile environment you are playing through.

2. Possible morality choices with multiple endings
Sort of branching off from my previous point, morality choices in my opinion may go hand in hand with what these kind of games try to achieve. For example. if there is contact back on Earth, you could choose to relay or hold back on information of what really happened in the disaster that caused the space station to collapse.

All of these choices could affect the ending you get, such as in the Fallout games or in the BioShock games, which had lots of endings all depending on the choices you make in-game, such as harvesting or saving Little Sisters.

3. A diverse environment
Of course, given that the game is set on a space station and the sorrounding area may limit the amount that the devs can put into the game, but again making comparisons to Firewatch, in that there was areas that you didn't even have to go to, but you could just to find out more about your environment. This kind of thing to me would be great, as I really enjoyed the space station setting in Alien: Isolation. Given that this is a space station, there could be lots of different areas you could go to, such as living quarters which you could learn about more about the crew in, etc.

There is a lot of potential for this game, especially for it's story and visuals, for which there will be VR support. Personally, I'm looking forward to this game and can't wait to see what it brings to the gaming industry. Find out more here.

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