Thursday, 25 February 2016

Carlo's Take: What can Far Cry do next?

So, Far Cry Primal has come around and hasn't really cited much excitement from people. Maybe it was the prospect of playing as a caveman in the Stone Age, or maybe it is the franchise's waning gameplay. Either way, something has to change, but what?

To me the setting was a good breath of fresh air, keeping the series' now signature FPS freedom with more focus on things such as close combat (ironic considering the "s" in FPS stands for "shooter") and animal bonding, which gave you convenient utility and combat companions.

But doesn't it all feel...the same after a while?

No...No! Not another radio tower!

I've been seeing a pattern in the story: go to place, meet "crazy" character, go to another place, or take some drugs, and kill people. Rinse and repeat. Same with the free roaming - explore, climb tower (or light a bonfire in this game's case), take out a base of bad guys, and/or hunt some animals. While they may not seem boring at first, multiple games of them could be seen as padding of sorts. People could have simply gotten bored of it, yet the continuous stream of yearly COD and FIFA shows that repetition may not necessarily be a bad thing.

So what can be done about this? If people don't like the gameplay, or don't like the setting, what should the plans for Far Cry 5 be? Or should the just give up on the franchise? Obviously, considering it is already established, it is more likely they choose to continue the franchise. To re-invigorate the gameplay, make the missions more varied. Why not be more vertical? We saw glimpses of that in Far Cry 4 with the grappling hook and one man helicopters. How about added focus on the co-op aspect? More interactions and story elements with that in mind would be good, considering that it seemed like a last minute addition to 4's gameplay.

For the setting, well that's another story, because they've already done tropical islands in Far Cry and Far Cry 3, and the deserts and savannahs of Far Cry 2. In Far Cry 4 they'd done mountains, and snow in the Valley of the Yetis expansion. Where to next? It can't exactly be in the city, as that isn't a very Far Cry from society. While the following may not be the most realistic approach to the franchise in terms of setting, they could be promising...

What about a full game in the Blood Dragon, over-exaggerated sci-fi 80's universe? Everyone enjoyed that standalone expansion to Far Cry 3, and there's certainly a lot more they could do with it. Like aliens and stuff. Sounds neat amirite.

It could also feature dinosaurs if they want to go back to the island setting. Some Jurassic Park-esque action, but with more guns! Everyone wants to fight dinosaurs right? You could even implement the taming system to let us fight with them, Chris Pratt style.

If they want to go the darker route, why not a post apocalypse too? A vehicular focused game would be too Mad Max like though, so it could actually be set in a city, which would be pretty new for the series.

Any of these seem appealing? Got any ideas to improve the series as a whole? Let us know!

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