Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What's next for Kojima Productions?

Many people already know of the situation between Konami and Kojima. Some people also know of what happened after due to a press release, that being Kojima joining Sony Computer Entertainment as a new independent studio! But, considering they haven't said anything about it for a while, I thought I'd do an article about it, because I loved all the work they have done - even though I probably should have written something when the news was new.
First things first, for anybody who hasn't heard about the Kojima vs Konami incident, here is what happened: In mid-March of 2015, Konami removed the Kojima productions name and "A Hideo Kojima Game" from all promotional material. Next, the hugely popular and successful Playable Teaser, otherwise known as "P.T" for the new, Kojima-led Silent Hills was removed from PSN, and that anticipated project was cancelled. All this culminated in Kojima apparently leaving Konami multiple times, then officially leaving them, including leaving them with an unfinished Metal Gear Solid 5, much to fans' chagrin. Sounds bad, doesn't it? Well, this is part of Konami's  "Focus on mobile games and Pachinko machines" mindset. Essentially, they're scrapping Triple-A production, and shut down the old Kojima Productions along with that.

Now that Kojima has moved on from that, they have partnered with Sony to create a new, independent remake of the company that would give them more creative freedom. But what will they do with it? One would assume it would be a stealth game, considering the company's experience with them. And that could be true; they could make a game in the vein of MGS, but without the title, something like Mighty No.9 and Mega Man, but with a new game and Metal Gear! Alas, Kojima stated MGSV would be his last Metal Gear game, so they might be burnt out of the stealth genre.

However, it is also possible they could try and follow through with a horror game, continuing on from Silent Hill's cancellation. Kojima could try and reconnect with Guillermo del Toro to make a new horror project, considering their playable teaser was so well received. Speaking of Del Toro and Kojima, it is also possible they could make a Mech game. We haven't seen much of those since Armored Core, and the only mechs we have gotten in recent memory are Transformers. It would be cool to see that concept in this generation, especially since both of the people mentioned have experience in mechs - Del Toro in Pacific Rim, and Kojima in Zone of The Enders.

Any ideas for the newly reformed K.P? What about a different kind of open world game? They showed promise in that with Metal Gear Solid 5. Let us know!

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