Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sam's Take: The Coolest Stuff from CES

CES seems to get better and better every year, and I'm here to give my favourite picks of stuff that was shown off at the world's biggest tech show:

Chevy Bolt
Electric cars still haven't been widely accepted by the masses, but this could take the industry one step further. Coming out later this year for under $30,000, the fact that a big motor company is investing in this green technology is very promising. Having enough power to drive 200 miles per charge, and having a futuristic interior complete with touchscreen HUD on the dashboard, the advantage of the car having a low center of gravity and less torque could finally convince people to go green.

Kodak Super 8 Camera
This is a very niche product, but I'll be damned if this isn't cool. With a new digital viewfinder and SD, USB, and HDMI ports, Kodak have done well to revive one of their most famous products. Not only that, but when you send the film to Kodak to develop, they give you digital and physical copies, which is a nice touch.

Intel Realsense in drones
Finally, they've found a good use for the Kinect and other motion control cameras - Intel, using their Realsense camera, demoed a drone that pretty much found it impossible to crash into anything. Drones can be expensive, so implementing this technology stops the risk of breaking your new toy, plus this could be used in Amazon's delivery drones to ensure that they don't smash into anything and destroy the goods they're carrying.

Ehang 184
Probably the most obscure product at CES this year, the Ehang 184 is pretty much an autonomous air taxi. All you have to do is get in, select where you want to go, and the drone takes care of the rest. Still, it's a long, long way off - it will cost $300,000, it's illegal to test it, and it can only fly for just over 20 minutes, but if this thing becomes a reality, this could make Futurama-esque traffic jams a reality.

Empire EVS
A couple of days ago, I was talking with my friends about the possibility of VRcades - places where you could play laser tag or paintball, but with a VR twist so it looks like you're in an actual battlefield. Turns out that this is what I was thinking about - the Empire EVS, while not converting your actual surroundings into a battlefield, still has an ammo counter, map, and a teammate locater, which is one step towards an awesome new way to play games.

Do you have any things from CES that you thought were cool? Tell us in the comments!

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