Monday, 11 January 2016

James' Take: Oculus Rift Pre-orders

Last week, Oculus VR (the creators of the Oculus Rift) announced that pre-orders have opened for the consumer edition of the Oculus Rift, releasing on March 28 to original Kickstarter backers. All of the current pre-orders have sold out, with Oculus VR struggling to make more. Now this is great, apart from the price tag.


Now if you're a casual gamer like us, this is quite a hefty price tag for a piece of VR kit, albeit the best available at this point in time. This also angered quite a number of people because in an interview, Oculus VR announced that the price tag would be around $300. It will also require an Nvidea GeForce GTX 970 graphics card for PC gamers (this costs around £270) which if you are knowledgeable with PC parts, you will know is relatively high end.

Oculus VR have said the coming years will lower the price of the kit as technology advances, however this is quite a big price to launch with.

However, there are some good points of the release, the most important being that this piece of gear is now available to the public and not just exclusive YouTube/Twitch stars and the press. You can also tell Oculus VR have been working hard on their product, as 100 games will be supported from the get-go, including one of the most prominent PC games, Minecraft.

The Oculus Rift is set to be one of the best VR kits out there, and I'm looking forward to see whether it succeeds or not. This appears to be the beginning of something new for gaming.

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