Monday, 25 January 2016

James' Take: Fallout 4 Console Mods News

When Fallout 4 was announced, Bethesda promised that mods would be compatible with console. Recently on Twitter, a fan asked when these mods would become available on console, the official Fallout twitter replied, "We'll be sharing more details soon. Stay tuned."

They didn't announce any specific details, but at least this gives the console gamers hope. There has been an anouncement of the game's official modding toolsuite - The Creation Kit. It is due to arrive early this year on PC, with support for mods coming to the Xbox One first and then PS4.

Bethesda's excuse for not realising console mods yet is that they "want to do it in a way that's easy". The aim is that you will open the game where a menu option is waiting for you to just directly download the mods.

How this will be implemented into the console versions is beyond me, however I trust that with support from Microsoft for the Xbox One version of the game, this vision should be a reality soon, given Microsoft's presence in both the PC and Console domain. Pete Hines, marketing executive for Bethesda said that "They (Microsoft) have some pretty good ideas about how to make something like this work."

Personally, I'm quite excited to see whether they can pull it off, given that now I've experienced mods for other Bethesda games on PC and although there are some weird and wacky ones, there are some amazing mod creators out there with amazing ideas.

If you would like to get an idea of what type of mods will become available for console versions of Fallout 4, please check out this link: . They have some great mods there and have been heavily involved within th emodding community for other Falloit and Elder Scrolls titles.

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