Monday, 18 January 2016

James' Take: The CS:GO De-rank fest

On the 26th of December, Valve released a new rank distribution update in order to re-distribute the ranking system. Of course, this means that a lot of people within the higher ranks are currently getting de-ranked very quickly. If you don't know what this means, the ranking system works in CS:GO competitives to distinguish your skill and who you will be matched with. The system looks like this:

The original plan with the update was to make the average rank Gold Nova 4. However, when the update originally came out, most people were in the Gold Nova 4 to MGE ranks, however with the update making it so easy to de-rank, the average rank is at Gold Nova 3. This has obviously made a lot of people very salty at losing their hard earned ranks.

This does however balance out some of the higher ranks, making it harder and more rewarding to be in the higher ranks such as Legendary Eagle Master and Global Elite (the average ranking for Global Elite has gone down from 1.8% to just 0.56% in 2 weeks).

Most people have lost from 2 to 4 ranks, which as you can imagine can be very frustrating and Valve have made it so that you can lose less games than you win and you can still de-rank. However, people are saying it has made it so that everyone is in about the same margins as before, only they are now lower ranks.

This system definitely needs fixing as more and more people move ever closer to Silver that don't deserve to be there and there has been more than enough time spent on re-distributing the ranks. All we can do now is hope Valve fix the problem in their most popular game.

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