Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Carlo's Take: GTA 5 DLC Theories!

What? It sounds too good to be true! Well sadly it's not confirmed, but something just happened which has got people thinking about a possible expansion to the extremely successful open world game.

Recently the motion and voice capture actor who plays Franklin posted a picture of him in a motion capture suit on his Instagram. A new game? A new movie? No one knows, these are the only details that have been released so far. But that means we can speculate at the very least! We'll be speculating on locations or missions at the moment, as the pics are only from an existing character (that being Franklin of course)

Considering they haven't done a London set GTA since 1999, it would be good to revisit the country we live in. Imagine roaming around part of London and taking out classic English archetypes such as the Council House living, tracksuit wearing Chavs! Or making a dazzling slow motion stunt jump off of London Bridge as it starts retracting! Smacking the Guards outside of Buckingham Palace (or whatever it'll be called in the GTA-verse)? A good change of pace from the "American Dream", innit fam?
North Yankton

This could be plausible, considering the assets were in the game and were even able to be explored via a glitch some time ago. But what would happen? North Yankton is significantly tamer than a big city such as London or Los Santos. It would be good to explore some of Michael and the other characters' backstories, because Trevor gives his - I mean "Trisha's"- story all about how he failed as a pilot, and Michael got him into the art of heisting. While it would be a small expansion, it still adds a new area to explore, which they could expand through updates and continued work before it releases.
Drug Trips (Aliens, Clowns)

This could still take place in Los Santos, but it could have a redesigned state, depending on which character you're playing. For Trevor, it would be clowns, and Michael would have an alien controlled city. I think it would be an extremely creative, not to mention possibly hilarious expansion that could add all new weapons, vehicles and models. Including that, the inclusion of aliens in a DLC would also link to the 100% completion inclusion of that mysterious alien space ship, and the space ship parts which the characters collect to get an out of this world car!
GTA: Undead Nightmare

Everyone likes zombies. Four Cars of the Apocalypse instead of the Four Horses? A new free roam zombie experience from Rockstar would be great, as Undead Nightmare of Red Dead Redemption was one of the best pieces of DLCs I have had the pleasure of playing. And with the popularity of shows like the walking dead, zombies have proven themselves to still be popular.

Which one of these ideas would you like to have in a new expansion? Sure, PC players could just mod things like this in, but it would be nice to have something made by the guys themselves!

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