Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Carlo's Take: 2016's Anticipated Games!

With the arrival of 2016 comes the arrival of a whole new slew of games. Surprisingly, quite of them are new IPs, something I think the games industry needed a lot recently. However, lots of the games I'm looking forward to happen to be existing IPs, simply because I'm a fan of the pre-existing entries. So lets take a look at them, shall we?
Ratchet & Clank
A re-imagining of the original PS2 classic, this brings back everything we love from the early 2000's classic. We should probably expect a huge arsenal of weapons and gadgets, a story filled with witty writing and charming characters, and everything else we've come to know from the series so far! Also, it ties into the animated movie of the same name. Hopefully it won't carry on the trend of terrible video game movies, but it looks exactly like an extended cutscene from the game. Sounds like it too, so I'm excited for both! So many fond memories of the franchise, so I hope it lives up to its predecessors.
I've recently just gotten into the XCOM franchise with XCOM:Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within, and I've got to say, I'm addicted. The tense atmosphere of every battle, not knowing whether or not your highly trained men would be lost. Letting each man have war stories to tell and finally feeling as if you were catching up to the aliens in terms of technology when you research that new tech. What's cool about this entry is that everything we did in the first game was for naught, as the Aliens won. Now we play from their perspective and launch assaults for resources and things. It's a good change of pace and there's plenty of new aliens and technology (as well as alien loot!) to keep you on your toes and well equipped. Welcome back, Commander.
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Robo-dinosaur hunting? I'm in already. A post apocalyptic adventure game made by those behind Killzone, all that is known is that you're a woman hunting robotic prey with bows, arrows and anything else you're able to scavenge or build. It's a good contrast - using primitive equipment to hunt technologically advanced animals is a really cool concept. Also, robot dinosaurs.
Kingdom Hearts III
I've been waiting a long time for the return of this Action JRPG. I loved the blend of simple, fast paced action and RPG squad based elements, and the ensemble of well known characters all over. I want to see all the colourful amazing locations I know, as well as others I don't. I look forward to seeing Sora's story continue, and to find the new unique characters that lie ahead. As soon as it isn't "new" Disney properties like Phineas and Ferb, Marvel or Star Wars. Anything but Phineas and Ferb.
The Last Guardian
We've been waiting so long. Please be good. Please?

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