Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sam's Take: 3 Indie Games I'm Looking Forward To

Manifold Garden

Originally a prototype shown off at E3 2014, this surrealist puzzler looks very trippy, very cool, and - most importantly - very interesting. The basic concept is that the world in which you solve puzzles is one of repetition - it’s warps back into itself, essentially. For instance, jump off a platform and you’ll find yourself falling onto the same platform you just dived off of. This enables a very interesting dynamic for puzzles - for example, if you drop water off of a platform, it’ll fall from above, creating a continuous stream. This, coupled with blocks that trigger switches, hold up blocks, and redirect water, could make for some mind-bendingly excellent brain teasers. Put on your philosophy caps for this one.


Distance is the most outlandish racing title since the likes of the Burnout series - you’re controlling a car that can flip, fly, boost, turn, and jump around distorted, dangerous tracks that twist, contort, and generally try to kill you, all while a thumping soundtrack plays. It’s not like there are a limited amount of courses either - not only is there a single player campaign, there’s also a random track generator and a level editor - plus plenty of multiplayer modes to get your teeth into - not to mention the fact that PlayStation VR support could be a possibility thanks to its Oculus support on PC. Having played it before, we can firmly say that words don’t do Distance justice.


2016 looks to be a great year for rhythm games - Harmonix’s Amplitude is coming out this month, and hopefully we should get more of a look at the new Rez at upcoming Sony events. Thumper is quite a different rhythm game, however, as it’s a helluva lot more brutal than most. You’re a space beetle racing towards a giant head at breakneck speed as the neon, cyberpunk visuals emphasise how fast you’re really going. As you can see, this is an INSANELY trippy game, and definitely not one for the faint-hearted, but it could be an excellent ride. Just don’t question it.

Are you looking forward to any of these games? Tell us in the comments!

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