Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Week Ahead

Listen - all the games have come out, and The Force Awakens releases on Thursday, so I'm gonna make this quick - you probably care about none of these games, but I'll list them off anyway.

Coming out on Tuesday for PS3 and PS4, and Wednesday on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One is Kings Quest: Chapter 2 - Rubble Without a Cause, because every game is episodic now. If you're not aware/excited of the first chapter, you probably don't care about it, but here's a quick snippet of the story: "Graham goes on his first adventure as a newly crowned king of Daventry, to save the kingdom from invading goblins." Riveting.

Isometric early-access game Underrail comes out of Early Access on Friday. It's based on a mix of the original Fallouts, as well as a bit of D&D, and doesn't look half bad. If looking for a more mining/crafting way to end your year because you've been in a coma for over 3 years - get well soon, by the way - then Minecraft will finally release on Wii U come Thursday.

Lastly, the Christmas version of pigeon dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend, Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star releases for PC, Mac and Linux on Tuesday. I'm going to leave now.

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