Saturday, 12 December 2015

SWTOR Saturday: Future Group Content & More!

Hey everyone, here is this weeks Swtor news. Including information on the latest gree event, exploits and more- Such as the KOTFE Chapter 1 tiral. Lets get too it!

Eric Musco's forum post regarding the timings of future group content in SWTOR.
'Hey folks,
We know you are looking for more information on the timing of future group content. Although I cannot go into any details yet I will say this… We are actively working on a new Warzone, and we are looking to start revealing details in February (Insert my usual disclaimer of all things are subject to change). On the PvE side, we do not have anything specific to announce at this time but we will certainly share more information as we have it.
The team is hard at work on the 7 remaining Chapters in Season 1, as well as additional content, which you will get monthly starting in February. For us, it is important that all of the our content, group content included, ties into the storyline of Fallen Empire and connects to your character’s story. Story is what sets The Old Republic apart and it is important for us to deliver your personal story across all aspects of the game.
We hope that this addresses some of the concerns that you may have. As always, I will pass on updates as I have them. Thanks everyone.'
SWTOR- Knights of the Fallen Empire Trial!
SWTOR Chapter 1 of KOTFE expansion will be on a limited time trial for former subscribers until Jan 4.
Accounts have been prerma-banned from using this exploit, here are the details. 
Here is another update on the exploit, and the action we have taken. We are continuing to investigate accounts and action is on-going. Here are the actions we have taken against accounts:
  • Suspension time, up to and including a permanent ban (more than 500 accounts have been permanently banned so far)
  • Removal of all Credits
  • Removal of all Currencies
  • Removal of all items which could be gotten from the exploit, including recurring Event Currencies and Companion gifts
  • Resetting of all Companion Influence to 0
  • Resetting progress of all Alliance Commanders to 0
The nature of this exploit is that players could use it to gain a wide array of things. This includes anything from credits, to event currency, to Companion affection via Rank 6 gifts. We are working to ensure that the action we take against player is fair, but makes it clear that use of exploits will not be tolerated.
We have seen quite a few comments and questions about accounts which have participated in laundering ill-gotten items and credits around. I will have an update on this later today. Thanks everyone.
Follow-UP Post!
One of the things we have seen a lot of questions and comments about is what we are doing about accounts which have actively participated in helping exploiters to launder their ill-gotten gains. We are actively investigating these accounts, and we are doing so just as vigorously as the exploiters themselves. In situations that we have found players not only exploited, but are then trying to hide their actions through laundering, we are increasing the severity of the action we take against them. You can see examples of the action we are taking in my previous post.
We can see that in many of these cases, accounts have not only intentionally laundered credits through their guilds and friends, but that they have sent credits and items randomly to other accounts in an attempt to throw off our data. If you received credits or items through trade or in-game mail, and you feel that they were sent to you from someone who likely exploited, leave the items/credits alone. Don’t try to return them or send them to other accounts.
Additionally, feel free to PM me your information:
  • Character name and server
  • What you received
For users that we can identify as being unintentional recipients, they will have the items/credits stripped, it is unlikely further action will be taken.
The return of the Gree!
To end on more of a high note, the gree have returned to Ilum in the latest installment of the event. SWTOR Relics of the Gree event will be running from Dec 8 to Dec 15. You are downscaled to L52 but the operation boss is L65.
Thanks for reading and dont foget to check out next weeks Star Wars themed articles in the 'Countdown to The Force Awakens'. 

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