Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sam's Take: Why Just Cause 3 Is The Most Fun You Can Have

I've been playing Just Cause 3 for way too long, and I literally can't put it down because of how fun it is. The wingsuit is by far the best addition to the series. Not only does it feel really responsive, but the fact that you go faster the closer you are to the ground (as well as the ability to use your grappling hook to keep yourself in the air) adds a feeling of danger, of excitement, to the wingsuit.

Also added is to the ability to control the tension of your grappling hooks, which can help you do anything from attaching an explosive barrel to a fuel tank and pull them together to attaching a tank and a flying helicopter, then tighten the rope to smash them against each other.

Rico’s parachute also feels a lot more responsive, too. The whole new movement system feels fun so much better than many games out there, and makes Just Cause 3 a game where I generally feel free. I don't need to play the campaign or unlock new locations, it's all there for me to inevitably destroy. From snow-capped mountaintops to idyllic Mediterranean villages, the island of Medici is one of beauty, but also of possibilities.

By far my favourite thing about the game is the enemy base design. I've come across everything from a naval base with a huge gunboat firing at me as I attack to a stronghold housing nuclear weapons that are actively trying to kill me as I cause chaos around the place. This open-ended design is what attracted me in the first place, and its what is keeping me in now.

The fact that all of the upgrades you unlock can be turned on and off, the fact that you can add nitrous to anything from an F1 car to a cow, the fact that you can blow up a gas station and it'll right be back there as soon as you return to the area. Just Cause 3 is probably my Game of the Year, at the very least a strong contender.

Avalanche has really stumbled onto a game that takes fun first, and if you want to read my full thoughts on the game, look on Push Square, where my review should be up tomorrow.

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