Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sam's Take: Why Battlefront 2 Is One of the Best Shooters Ever

You probably saw it coming from a mile away - we were always going to write about this game, but for good reason - this is easily one of the best shooters out there.

What I love so much about Battlefront 2 is how equal every game is. Because of the lack of a levelling/weapon unlock system, each game is isolated from one another, and the only advantage a player can have is skill level - everybody is pretty much on the same skill level. I also liked how classes unlocked in each game as you got better - get enough kills and you'll unlock a Magna Guard, Clone Commander, or whatever corresponding class to your side - not to mention the Hero system, in which, if you get lucky, you can unlock a hero that is certainly powerful, yet not invincible.

What's also great is the amount of freedom you get on the battlefield. Unlike in the latest Battlefront installment, in which you have to find pickups in order to get in vehicles, Battlefront 2 simply allows you to get in a vehicle whenever you want - there's no disconnect between infantry and vehicle combat. In these vehicles, there was also a sense of teamplay, considering most of them had multiple seats - working with friends in the AT-RT on Geonosis was one of my favourite things to do, and it still holds up.

It was great how the different maps used their terrain to encourage vehicle or infantry combat - the aforementioned Geonosis, with its big, flat landscape, encouraged plenty of vehicle play while still offering bunkers and hideouts for infantry to stay, while Polis Massa had plenty of corridors to fight in, surrounding a big arena area where only vehicles could do battle.

And who could forget the space battles - the feeling of flying around the outskirts of a planet, shooting down frigates and disabling the enemy's mothership! It was truly an excellent addition that not many shooters offered, and the decision between piloting a ship and becoming a fighter ace or staying inside and shooting down invaders with turrets was a very tough one.

Of course, the modes are also another huge part of what made this game so great. While the campaign was a fun romp that started in the time of the prequels and went through the whole series of movies, Galactic Conquest was a fun planet-hopping mode in which, as commander of your chosen faction, you had to decide which planets to invade, and with what forces, with the end goal being to eradicate the enemy from the galaxy.

I've pretty much said all I can say about this great game, and with it being fairly cheap on Steam, I strongly suggest you pick it up!

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