Thursday, 24 December 2015

Joe's Take: My Top 5 Games of the Year!

It's time for my top 5 games of the year. Now, many of my choices may be a bit out of the box but here it goes. With the emergence of more and more indie developers and a large emphasis has been put on story this year. It is a welcome change that has been seen throughout the industry: AAA publishers and indie studios alike, leaving me with these choices.

5. Until Dawn

This game is a cheesy horror alternative mixing physiological thriller with some really awkward humor. It has the makings of a good horror game but with some of the characters, i just couldn't get into their story and the stereotypical 'American Teen' arguments. Where no one seemed to get on due to some petty disputes. At the start i was doing all i could to keep kill them. By the end of the game i was rushing to keep them alive. This is the extent of my relationship with this game. I loved it and I hated it; that's why i only give it NO.5 on this list.

4. Life is Strange

This game mixes a third person story telling and various game mechanics to give a story based game focused around teenage wannabe photographer Max who has the power to turn back time. I really enjoyed this game. And i found the characters fascinating and each of their stories interesting. However, i felt that the game fell short on some of the voice acting that felt bland at times as well as the tedious introductory chapters. However, as the game went on, it only got better.

3. Rocket League

Rocket League was great. Football with cars. Making it just that much cooler and very very fun. With the excellent mechanics and a simple play style. It just provided lots and lots of multiplayer fun for all ages and I loved it. Let's just home there is even more to come from this game.

2. Her Story

An interesting choice for No.2 but i loved this indie game. Once i played it, i couldn't put it down. I found the mechanic of searching for video clips through watching video clips, unique and fascinating. I played it all the way through in one siting. Yes, some might not have liked it or found it too simple. But that's why i love it and would encourage anyone else to play it.

1. Rise of the Tomb Raider

I love Tomb Raider, from the story to the game itself. And boy, this was a treat. The graphics were incredible, it looked fantastic in all the environments. This really added to the feel of the game. I also loved the story and the way it linked to the previous game. This made the game even more compelling. I also enjoyed the leveling system with bonus tombs and various things to read and explore. I also loved Camilla Luddingtons performance i thought it really showed bought life to Lara and showed her development. That said, It's not number one for a reason and thats got to be the QTE, i thought it was lazy in a rather impressive game. I also don't like that it was an Xbox Exclusive and coming out the time of Fallout 4 it was a mistake. All in all it was my favorite game of the year and i can't wait for the next.

Thanks for reading and Have a great holiday season!

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