Friday, 4 December 2015

Joe's Take: Jokey- Gaming- Holiday Gift Ideas!

Hey guys, Joe here and if your looking for some stocking fillers or perhaps just wanting to treat yourself this holiday season I have decided to give my Top 8 gaming gift ideas that you could give someone (or yourself) this year! This list is in no particular order so no.1 doesn't mean its the 'best' gift. 

8. Minecraft light-up torch 
 I really like this torch, it’s a unique piece of video game merchandise that looks kind of cool and may win over that Minecraft Fan in your life. You won’t need a stick and chunk of coal as this one is made of plastic, and it emits an orange glow to keep those zombies away.  You can even wall mount it, to keep you safe on your adventures.

7. Street Fighter Ryu Pixel bricks 
This teeny Street Fighter is designed to bring back the retro in you- pixellated game visuals and the nostalgia of the Super Nintendo era. Ryu comes as 181 blocks which you (or your friend) put together to reconstruct the classic character. They’re available from Amazon and a host of other online stores.

6. Fallout 4 Monopoly !
It’s the chrispocalypse – So don’t pass go! At some point over Christmas you are going to have to stop playing Fallout 4. But wait. With this version of the classic property trading board game, you get the best of both worlds. All the playing pieces are based on features from the game, so it’s a Win-Win!

5. Light Up Mario Pillow!
 Just like in Super Mario, you can now become invincible to all your friends by picking up a light up star – and all the adorableness it entails. The light up star pillow is a battery operated colour changing throw pillow that is a great gift idea for sleepovers and Super Mario fans. And let’s face it, It’s Cute too!

4. Tetris Heat changing cup!
Enjoy this Tetris heat changing cup. This officially licensed twelve ounce cup will transform in seconds to a colorful game of Tetris when you add any steaming hot drink to it, making it a great gift idea for old and young gamers alike.

3. 007 GoldenEye Watch
Become OO7 with GoldenEye 007 watches. It makes a great gift idea for James Bond fans, Nintendo 64 gamers, or even international super spies spies who love watches with hidden abilities. A great gift for the movie fan in your life aswell.

2. Portal Book Ends
Give your desk a trip to the future with Portal Book Ends. With an entrance and exit portal used as the bookends, these bookends are perfect for adding some geeky decor to your room. Definitely worth a look if you know someone who wants a subtle gaming theme in their home.

1. Ready Player One
If you have ever been told to ‘Put down that game and read a book’ this might be the item for you! Ready player one is a brilliant book for anyone with an interest in gaming. I know I enjoyed reading it so I’m sure you will too!

Have any other Ideas that weren't on my list? Tell me in the comments! 

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