Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Carlo's Take: My Top 5 Games of the Year!

While 2015 has been a good year in terms of gaming, filled with excellent Indie titles and great Triple As. I actually found my top 5 list hard to fill this year on account of me being broke, but nonetheless I managed to make one!

Number 5: Rocket League
A simple premise executed in an extremely slick manner. I'm not going to pretend to be good at this. Certainly not. I'm actually really quite horrible. But pretending to be tactical in this game with a small group of friends is insane fun, even when you're getting wrecked. It's got really polished smooth gameplay that's easy to play but really difficult to master. It also has some ranked mode capabilities for serious players, tons of customisation options and was one of the surprise hits of the year. And by serious, I mean the elite race car footballers. Check out some gameplay of pros and watch as your self esteem plummets. Still fun though. A shame if you didn't get it for free on the PSN, but it is still worth picking up if you've got friends  to play with you.

Number 4: Just Cause 3
You would think that pulling yourself to things and attaching things to each other would get boring after a while. Surprisingly not, with a HUUUUUUUUUGE open world and the addition of multiple hooks and tension settings, Just Cause 3 is almost endless fun. The weak story is supplemented with outrageous action setpieces that are created both by yourself and the game, and it's very easy to get into. I may not have experienced it in its best quality considering I have a below average computer, but its safe to say blowing up bridges, even on medium-low quality with some of its bugs, is great. And with multiplayer and all the mods possible on the platform, its safe to say even if you're done with the experience, more is yet to come. Its essentially Just Cause 2 cranked up to 13, and no one is complaining about that.

Number 3: Fallout 4
Ah Fallout. Easily the most anticipated game of the year thanks to the reputation of Bethesda's previous titles and their great marketing. No one can deny the game had flaws, but with the rest of the game's offerings it's hard not to like it. Improved gunplay made shooting feel a lot better than the previous games, and the overall experience has been made better since Fallout 3. It may not be the prettiest looking game, but its the story that you create for yourself. All the unique stories, the unique paths your character can take not only quest wise but in terms of character creation as well make this game worth spending hundreds of hours into, if not more, and thats not even including the mod support.

Number 2: Metal Gear Solid V
I've got a long history with this franchise. Played every single game up until now, even Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, as they were available on Metal Gear Solid 3. Being a veteran of the franchise, I know what to expect from a Metal Gear game, but this took it in a different direction from what fans were used to, some may argue for the better or for the worse. Excellent open world gameplay made any play-style viable rather than linear stealth sections and alert insta-death of past games. amazing graphics made it easy on the eyes, and while the story was definitely weaker than the others, having audio tapes played in game in lieu of the franchise's famous cut scene narrative, you felt attached to the unique characters and those you pick up on the battlefield nonetheless. Even when it started to feel the slightest bit repetitive, the constant struggle to improve Mother Base and research that next badass weapon kept me going for hours and hours on end. 100+ hours to be precise. As well as that, the addition of Metal Gear Online is the cherry on top of the cardboard box cake.

Number 1: Sakura Santa
Ohh yeah. Time to get "festive".
Just kidding.

Number 1: Witcher 3
On to my REAL game of the year. CD Projekt Red's latest and greatest piece of storytelling was released for all to lay eyes upon. Its sprawling open world paired with a compelling narrative and cast of characters both in main and side quests made for an immersive story driven experience. There was an almost endless amount of things to do, ranging from hunting down monsters to the ever popular Gwent sub-game. Sure, there were game play bugs and graphical errors and the combat did get repetitive from time to time, but it was the story the game was telling you which was important. And with branching paths for its many side quests, multiple playthroughs are encouraged. In fact, the reason I haven't replayed it was simply because it would suck up too much of my time again! 

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