Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Week Ahead

What a week we have ahead of us - just as your bank account took a beating last week, it probably will again this week!

The obvious big release is Just Cause 3, releasing worldwide on Tuesday for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I am so excited for this game plainly for the fact that it just focuses on fun. The fact that you're able to drop in weapons, vehicles and other gadgets regularly, as well as the new wingsuit mechanic, the sheer size of the world, and, of course, unlimited C4, pretty much proves how excellent this game is going to be - look out for my opinions on Wednesday.

Also releasing is Rainbow Six: Siege, which also comes out on Tuesday for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Emphasising destruction and co-op teamwork, Rainbow Six Siege is all about one team breaching a building and trying to kill the terrorists within, and the other team trying to keep themselves alive. After playing both Betas, it's hard to know whether the repetitive nature of the game will hold up. You can learn more about the game in Carlo's Takes soon.

On Friday, for Wii U, is Xenoblade Chronicles X, the next installment of the Xeno franchise. The open-world RPG encourages exploration and centers on your customised character, who can travel on foot or in Skells, giant mech suits that can fly, swim and transform into different vehicles. This time around, the game is about the White Whale, a ship full of refugees from Earth that were forced to evacuate after an alien battle destroyed it. 2 years later, the ship crashes on a planet known as Mira, and it's your job to recover the stasis pods from the White Whale and try to make peace with the aliens on Mira, while keeping the humans alive.

Lastly, we've got a couple of ports releasing this week: on Tuesday, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, while musou brawler Dragon Quest Heroes is coming to PC on Thursday.

Are you buying any of these games? Tell us in the comments!

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