Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Gadgets and Khajiits Reboot

Hi Guys,

We've been in a rut as of late, but, trust me, this is well and truly over. We've hashed out a schedule that works for us - and should work for you - and we're excited for all of these changes. Still, our biggest change to announce is a new member of the team: James! This new additional member should help us bring out regular content and enhance your experience.

Now, the new schedule - we're completely scrapping news articles. We know that we can't compete with other sites in that respect, so we're now changing to weekly pieces in which we rant/talk about games, experiences, TV shows, movies or tech. Here's that new schedule in full:

Monday: James' Take

Tuesday: Carlo's Take

Wednesday: Sam's Take

Thursday: Joe's Take

Friday: Our Weekend, in which all members of the team talk about their weekend plans.

Saturday: SWTOR Saturday, in which Joe wraps up the week's SWTOR news

Sunday: The Week Ahead, in which we talk about the upcoming week in games and movies

We'll also be continuing Reviews, because that's a given.

Hopefully these changes are enough to keep the site fresh, and look out in the future for more stuff, including a possible podcast.

Thanks for sticking with us!

The Team

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