Thursday, 5 November 2015

Overwatch: Console Edition?

Blizzard's team-based FPS, Overwatch recently got its beta, and while it may only be on PC, many are speculating that it may be coming to console...and there's evidence to suggest that could be true.

Firstly, it offered controller support; while joypad-controller support is common on PC games, including a multitude of First Person Shooters, it is the other things people have found which predict Blizzard's move to console.

In the source code of the official European website for example, it said "Overwatch is Blizzard's team-shooter for PC and consoles", which was found by As well as that, code in the game itself which calls for authorization checks for the PSN and Xbox Live have been found: ,"INITIAL_PSN_OR_XBL_AUTH", and "WAITING_FOR_PSN_OR_XBL_AUTH".

Finally, what seems to be a true confirmation comes from Kotaku , who reported that GameStop was taking pre-orders for the PS4, Xbox One and PC editions. But isn't Overwatch a Free-to-Play game? That's been speculated yes, but Blizzard has been known to sell physical bundles of F2P games, with the money going towards skins and in-game items, e.g. Heroes of The Storm.

Blizzcon is still to come, so whether or not the rumor actually stands true will be put to the test soon enough. Even though it looks like it very well could be.

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