Friday, 27 November 2015

Our Weekend!

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Black Friday is upon us again, and we're all getting those sweet deals on Steam, Amazon and other shops. Here's how we're spending our weekend!

Sam Brooke

I'll be finishing off my Deadpool PS4 platinum trophy run, as well as trying to finish The Witcher 3 before Just Cause 3 comes out. I'll also be playing plenty of Battlefront 2 on PC, hopefully with the others, as it's just £2 on Steam right now. Let's hope that I have enough money to get through the weekend, as savings beat my bank account into submission. If I'm suffering from a sales-induced hangover, I'll make sure to nurse myself with some Scrubs. Hey, a pun!

Joe Rucklidge

This weekend, I'll be playing Star Wars battlefront from the steam sale and catching up on last week's Good Wife. Also, don't forget to check out the Black Friday Steam deals.

Carlo Esguerra

Since I'm not looking to get myself trampled by hordes of bargain hunters, I've set my sights on steam deals this weekend. So far I've bought Wolfenstein The New Order which I didn't get when it first came out, because I was almost broke. But now it's so cheap an almost broke person can afford it! As well as that, I might buy Chivalry Medival Warfare or any other games that are cheap and look good. Also I'm getting my dose of Counter Strike GO, League of Legends, and I'll play some Hearthstone before the monthly season is over. Let's hope I can find some loose change for more Steam top-ups.

James Stoker

This weekend, I will be playing some more of Star Wars Battlefront. Along with that, I should be carrying on with Fallout 4 for the story!

What games are you playing this weekend, and have you picked up any good deals? Tell us in the comments!

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