Sunday, 1 November 2015

Just Dance 2016 Review!

Some may be quick to dismiss Just Dance as "just another party game" and while, yes everyone knows what they're getting into, no one can deny that there is effort and quality that goes into these games. They attempt to add something new every iteration, and so while I was embarrassing myself via the flailing of my body I had to respect that fact too.

One thing of the first new additions is the Just Dance App, an essential companion app which acts as a second controller- that's right, no need for a Kinect, Playstation Move or Camera, just a smartphone and WiFi connection. It's insanely simple to set up, and as many people as you want can join. I didn't find any problems with the app to console connection, and the motion tracking was surprisingly spot on.

There are some all new game modes as well. The one everyone's used to is Dance Party, where you select a song and compete for scores. But there's also Showtime, which actually does require the aforementioned Kinect or PS Camera. Here you can make your very own music videos to share on World Video Challenge or JDTV for people to either watch or attempt to beat, so that people can feel bad or good about themselves depending on their dance ability. There's also the Wii U exclusive Party Master mode, where a 5th player uses the gamepad to change the tracks and dance moves at their leisure!

As for the main attraction of the games i.e. the song playlist and accompanying dances, there are not as many "hits" as last year, but there's still the songs that were constantly played everywhere until your ears bled, such as All About that Bass or Uptown Funk. Not to say they're bad songs, just that they were overplayed. But as well as that there are some unusual choices as well, such as Hatsune Miku or Wanko Ni Mero Mero, so out of the 43 tracks there's some variety.

The dances are also very fun, with additional variations on some, and as always you play as a different character depending on what song you choose, even playing your avatar at some points. There are single, duet and group dances. Some dances are definitely harder than others, though all of them are unique and enjoyable. The Hatsune Miku song has you marching around with a leek(?), while maybe songs from the Grease soundtrack make you do era and movie-appropriate moves. Groovy.

If you didn't think the 43 tracks were enough, there's also the subscription based Just Dance Unlimited which adds 150+ songs, new and old for $6.99, so around £4.50-£5 a month. For those unsure about the commitment every retail copy has a one month trial. Quite a lot of content for the price paid to be honest. It includes songs such as Eye of the Tiger for some Rocky vibes, or Monster Mash if you want to relive some Halloween moves...although you may be just a little late for that.

Overall, I think the newest in the Just Dance series is a great addition, although catered towards groups it is still fun on your own, and with a selection of tracks and dances, as well as easy accessibility anyone can at least have a go.

I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a active, fun thing to do with their friends, and those who love  dancing-obviously!

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