Thursday, 26 November 2015

Joe's Take: My Top 4 Reasons to return (or try) ESO!

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My Top 4 Reasons to Return to ESO!

Over the last few weeks,  I have returned to a game that i once avoided like the plague. ESO- or Elder Scrolls Online - was once the MMO that no one talked about. When it first launched, I, like many others, dismissed it as - lets face it, it wasn't that great. Having a subscription based game didn't work out well for Bethesda and ZeniMax, as there was not enough content to sustain a subscription based audience. 

Also, the game was way overhyped. After the successful launch of the The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim - a commercial and critical success, this game had to live up to the expectations that an online version would have to meet. However, it slowly dawned that after a $200 million production budget, people didn't want another Skyrim clone. Add that to the extensive bugs at launch, the game just never held my interest. 

Until Now...

With the relaunch, a new lease of life has been given to the game, which has led me to create this list of 4 reasons you should give it a try:

#1- Worthwhile End-Game Content.

The Craglorn patch update featured the game's first new adventure zone, and it was geared toward veterans who wanted a group-centred endgame destination apart from the VR journeys on the other factions. It also includes 12-player encounters that are similar(ish) to raiding currently available in other MMO's.

#2-  (Finally) Good Guild Functionality.
Another addition added a lot of guild functionality. Now we've got custom ranks and associated permissions as well as the ability for guildmasters to design looks that players can display via tabards. ZeniMax has provided 250 colours, 63 backgrounds, and 136 crests to choose from when designing a guild emblem. And, to top it all off, guild traders (which are basically Gold Trading Company NPCs for hire) are a well-implemented and a neat idea.

#3- Dyes, Dyes, Dyes!
Much like SWTOR and other MMOs, ESO underwent a huge cosmetic update, bringing Armour dyes to the table, allowing the more fashion-conscious players (such as myself) to come up with original designs to light up the battlefield. Even though this was a much needed improvement to the game, they really take the biscuit having the dye system being tied to ESO's achievement mechanics rather than its crafting and economy systems, as I think making dies would fit better than hunting achievements. 

#4- No Subscription Required!
That's right, nothing helped this game more than switching to a Buy to Play model. And it has really re-rejuvenated the game; replenishing the many players lost since the dodgy launch. Considering you can pick up this game fairy cheaply (mine cost £20) I'd say that you should give it a go! Yes, the starting zones can be a bit tedious, but it's definitely a fun and enjoyable ride if you get it for the right price. 

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