Monday, 23 November 2015

James' Take: Star Wars Battlefront First Impressions

I remember when this game was first announced, there was quite a lot of uproar about its developers and publishers, EA. However, as I was blasting, flying and saber slinging my way through the multiplayer, all of those thoughts faded and I knew; 'This is what a Battlefront game should be like'

There is a brilliant mix of maps from the original trilogy, a familiar ground and air combat system and breathtakingly awesome graphics with the icing on the cake of the already developed Frostbite engine from Dice. The mobile companion app allows you to earn in game credits for weapons and appearances, check your statistics and keep up with your friends' progress on the fly.

All the problems in the Beta such as trouble joining friends' lobbies, timed hero power ups and an unfair advantage to the Imperials in Walker Assault mode have been (thankfully) fixed also.

This game has hours of multiplayer, a great challenge mode for solo, split- screen or co-op play and 4 more DLCs to come, I must say I was quite impressed with this release.

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