Monday, 30 November 2015

James' Take - Star Wars Battlefront Full Review

After playing this game for a week now, I feel confident that a review could be written for this game. Honestly, I feel like this game should deserve a decent amount of credit for what it is, as it successfully pulls off most of what I would include in my recipe for a decent FPS.

So - the game modes. The game features 9 multiplayer game modes; Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, Cargo, Droid Run, Walker Assault, Blast, Drop Zone, Heroes vs Villains and Hero Hunt. All of these game modes have a unique objective, be it standard TDM or defending and AT-AT Walker, they all offer a great time.

Graphics and performance on this game are amazing on PS4, something that stood out to me after some time on PC, as this was the type of quality I would have expected from a relatively high end computer.

Base combat is great, running on DICE's Frostbite engine it feels a lot like Battlefield's fast paced combat. This works great for this iteration of Battlefront as it means that there can be more action going on in the bigger maps that have been released on the base game. Aerial combat feels fluid too, allowing you to fly in Tie fighters, X-Wings and unique ships such as the Millennium Falcon.

Some features from the old games have been re-introduced as well, including the hero power ups that allow you to play as iconic characters from the Original Trilogy, such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Darth Vader.

There is also a free mobile companion on iOS and Android that I quite liked that allows you to view your statistics, earn in game credits and see your friends' progress. Although this is quite typical of games nowadays, this one stood out in that you could do more than just view your own statistics as there was a built in mini-game that could allow you to progress while away from the game.

Along with all the thing I did like though, there had to be some negatives, however nitpicky. Some of the spawns were a little unfair, especially on Walker Assault as they allowed the enemy to go up behind your spawn and camp to kill the whole team. Also, again on Walker Assault, there was a few balancing issues in that the rebels almost always win on the Endor map and on the Sullust maps, however good your co-ordination is.

Overall, I do very much like this game and feel like it is one I will be putting a lot of time into. The great mix of unique game modes and playing styles had me hooked from the start.

'I would recommend this game to any Star Wars fan or player of the previous titles!'

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