Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Carlo's Take: Zombies and the PS4's New Feature!

All right, before I start discussing stuff today, I need to say a major SPOILER ALERT for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, that being Season 6 Episode 7. If you don't want to know the fate of a major character, you may want to skip out on this article.

Are...are they gone? O-okay.

So, in between sessions of gorging myself on Fallout 4, I managed to fit a TV show or two in, and one of those was the Walking Dead. Many remember that a few episodes ago, Nicolas (the coward) killed himself and made Glenn fall off of the dumpster they were both on into a crowd of Feral Ghouls- I mean Zombies - I mean Walkers. We then saw someone's guts being ripped out and Glenn looking pretty hurt, and his name was even taken off of the opening, which led to many speculating to his death.

But, HE ISN'T! GLENN IS ALIVE! At the start of this episode, it shows him rolling under the dumpster and waiting for all the Walkers to leave. I know it should come off as a relief, but it was anticlimactic, and they didn't particularly try hiding his survival - unlike another surprising "death" from the big season finale of a popular show *cough* Game of Thrones *cough* which still has people wondering for that character's survival. It makes it seem like certain people in TWD are immortal, and they don't have the guts to kill anyone. While it does bring me to sadness, I do think Glenn really will die sometime soon, presumably in a gruesome fashion to confirm it. But with that out of the way, I did enjoy the episode; the chemistry between Glenn and Enid was cool, and nothing much else happened (apart from the tower falling down which I want to see how they'll deal with)

Moving away from Walking Dead, there was a recent announcement for the PS4 - there is PS2 emulation being worked on with higher resolution, framerates and trophies! Currently, it has been tested on 3 old Star Wars games, none of them Battlefront I'm sad to say, but it looks really good when compared to the original version. And that's only three games- what about all of the others? I'd love to revisit all my old games, like Sly and Ratchet & Clank and the ones I didn't have an opportunity to have a go at such as Okami.

However, I have yet to find how these will be put on PS4. Hopefully it won't be doomed to Playstation Now. If it does, what about the lesser known games that won't be emulated? Also, does this show that Playstation is running out of ideas and looking for a quick cash grab using nostalgia? So many questions, but I don't think they're running out of ideas. If it does get shoved into Playstation Now though, I probably won't touch it for the time being. I don't have the money for the PS Now service for the moment, as much as it interests me. As much as it makes me seem cheap, they do need to adjust the prices for the permanent purchases by a couple of pounds.

So, how about it? Anyone interested in old PS2 games? What about that Walking Dead episode, anyone mad or glad that Glenn's alive?

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