Saturday, 31 October 2015

What We're Playing

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We've got a brand new feature for you all every Friday called "What We're Playing", in which we talk about what we're playing over the weekend, before asking you what you guys will be doing. Here goes!


This weekend I'll be playing plenty of Guitar Hero Live, trying to perfect each song and just generally jamming along to the music stations. Along with that, I'm probably going to give SWTOR a try at some point, plus I'll be trying out the new GTA V Halloween update and playing the insanely creepy Slasher game mode.


This weekend I'll be playing ESO, that I recently acquired, just levelling up a little healer and spending a LOT of time on customisation. I'll also be levelling some alts through KOTFE. So it looks like an MMO filled weekend for me.

So what are you guys playing? Tell us in the comments!

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