Thursday, 8 October 2015

This Week In Gaming: My Thoughts on Battlefront Beta

Today, I played the beta on PC, and I came away with some mixed thoughts. Right now in the beta there are three game modes: Drop Zone, Walker Assault and Survival (Slightly similar to 'Hunt' in Battlefront 2).
Drop Zone, sees two teams of eight battling it out for pods, which drop from the atmosphere and inhabit the battlefield one at a time. It's up to each side to find the pod, as quickly as possible, and maintain control until a timer runs out. Once it's done, power-ups will be given before the next pod drops. Now, this was quite fun as it reminded me of the strategic thinking that went into Battlefront 2. 
Walker Assault might be the most anticipated part of the game. 40 players battling it out. This mode sees rebels defending Uplink objectives to call in Y wing-Bombers. It has more of a classic Star Wars feel to it, due to the use of AT-ATs, AT-STs, and Tie Fighters which are essentially killstreak power-ups, into the proceedings. It was here you can get a true feel of what Battlefront is and what the game is truly about, large amount of players killing each other in a Star Wars universe. What could be better then that?
Survival mode lists four locations on the menu (Hoth, Sullust, Endor, and Tatooine),  It's horde mode, in essence, (or Zombies for the COD fans out there!) with a gradual ramping up in difficulty with each wave. To be blunt, without a second player, this mode gets old quick. After just three waves I wasn't really feeling it, as there isn't a whole lot of deviation from the horde formula, and the fact that you're a grunt rather than a hero character really puzzles me. I would love to go killing waves after waves of people as Luke or Vader, I think if they gave options to fight as these hero's in this game mode, it would be much more enjoyable.This makes it my least favourite mode in the beta so far.

As for the gameplay, again, there are no microtransactions, and you'll have to unlock everything through credits.Which I was incredably pleased about. I had a fear of EA making you pay for everything via Microtransactions something that the other battlefronts did not have and what really made the game great for me. This also allows you to buy weapons, detonators etc. The game uses a card system for equipment that lets you customize which slot each piece of gear falls into. There is also the option to default to first- or third-person at any point as well. However even though I miss classes and squads they really aren't needed in this game and i can see why Dice did not put them in as the customisation is much more appealing! 
However the game can feel disjointed at times in terms of its gunplay. It also looks beautiful if you are playing on high enough settings, however when trying out lower settings, it looks no where near as good which i guess is understandable. The game also runs smoothly, especially when you're gazing up at the sky and watching ship battles take place before your eyes. (Even though a few friends have told me that this game crashes their fairly good PC's) but there's a certain clunky feel to combat. Weapons really lack impact or "oomph" or that all around star warsy feel that made the other battlefront's so classic, and I experienced a bit of lag at times but of course you would  being a beta.
So there's the Star Wars: Battlefront beta so far. It's not a bad game, but I'm not sure it's worth the full asking price. When the actual game launches next month we'll have a better idea of all of the different modes involved. This means if you are only interested in playing CO-op or Single player then i would wait to see if the price drops a few months after launch. But overall, it's a good game and I enjoyed it. Remember, though, this is just beta, it could change before launch and maybe then my opinion will change. 
Thanks for Reading, See y'all Later!

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