Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Week Ahead!

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October is here and now the season of games is starting to unfold, our headline game this week being Rock Band 4, the long-awaited sequel that's launching on PS4 and Xbox One this Tuesday. While it's technically an indie outing, Mad Catz is making the instruments and distributing the game, but is giving Harmonix creative freedom. It'll ship with 60 songs (More depending on where you pre-ordered it from) with tracks made by bands and artists from Gary Clark Jr to The Outfield, The Who to The Killers. Rock Band 4 is aiming to be a platform rather than a sequel, and will therefore be regularly updated with more DLC songs and free patches. Not only that, but unlike Guitar Hero Live (Rock Band 4's competitor, which launches in 2 weeks) it's backwards compatible with all the old songs and hardware from previous editions.

Also coming out is the final release of Prison Architect, an excellent game that releases for PC and Mac on Tuesday (That we might review at some point). It's a great example of an Early Access game that works - it tasks you with building and running a prison in a top-down view. You can build facilities, hire staff, arrange utilities, balance the books and keep the prisoners happy. You can micromanage every little detail, but what's coolest about the final release is that it adds a new Escape Mode, which allows you to take control of an inmate and escape. 

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