Monday, 19 October 2015

SWTOR Lowdown: Passwords, Conversions and Maintenance

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Lots of SWTOR news today, the first article being that, if your EA/SWTOR account starts with A, B, C, D, E or F and you use a Gmail account, you may want to change your password, as around 600 accounts have been compromised, and data stolen. Still, ideally you should be changing your password regularly, but if you fit those criteria, you're going to want to change it anyway. Just a little PSA for you. 

In better news, the conversion rates for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion have been released. It's a very long list that only the most dedicated will trawl through, but, to sum it up, all Droid gear has been converted into Valuable Droid Parts that can be sold to vendors for credits, and all old Operation Gear tokens will be converted into Lockboxes containing Glowing Data Crystals. Just a little tip: it would be a good idea to buy some Alien Data Cubes, as 3 of them convert into 1 Exotic Isotope Stabilizer.

Last of all, a maintenance has been scheduled from 9:30am BST on the 20th to 3pm on the same day.

That's all? Have you been affected by the data breach? What do you think about the conversions? Tell us in the comments!

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