Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Paris Games Week - Sony Roundup!

Paris Games Week happened recently, and while it may not be as big as E3 or Gamescom, it still brings with it a multitude of announcements. Sony have released trailers for previously announced upcoming titles and debuted a whole load of others, to simply show how good 2016 will be for gaming- specifically the PS4. Be prepared though, because there's a lot.
First up is the famous racing sim Gran Turismo's entry into next gen with Gran Turismo Sport, which seeks to blur the line between real and virtual racing not only with the graphics it is famous for, but by immersing the player in the experience even more with Playstation VR support. Beta testing is to start Spring next year, with its official release date coming after. Another game that was announced was Detroit, from Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream, and looks amazing and will focus on the cyborg from the old PS3 tech demo's story. Playable movies seem to be getting more and more common, but they've been good so far, so no one is yet to complain.

Next is something many a Playstation fan knows: Uncharted 4. Its multiplayer had gotten a trailer, and we see some more features that are going to be implemented, such as playable story characters and power-ups. Making a return is the game WiLD from the 2014 Sony Gamescom conference, which had gone missing but now has a demo to show- but unlike the Gamescom announcement, this switches out the hunters for a shaman who controls animals in an open world. I don't need to do much explaining for No Man's Sky, but it got another trailer and it shows more cool gameplay and an approximation of a June 2016 release date.

Now here comes a...weird one. Straight from the developers of Little Big Planet (Media Molecule), Dreams follows a customisable imp who possesses player made sculptures in an online environment. I know, I'm confused too, but it shows promise and the devs do have experience in creative games already. Gravity Rush 2 was also announced, with gameplay showing old gravity-altering mechanics at work, with some new changes. I'm glad it's on a bigger console now, because it didn't get the attention it deserved on the Vita. Sorry Vita. Coming straight from Nostalgia-ville in gaming history is another trailer for the new Ratchet and Clank game. While showing nothing new, it looks just like a high budget animated movie-which it is getting- and is set to coincide with said movie's release (which doesn't look half bad thank goodness).

From the Resogun devs Housemarque comes the exclusive Matterfall. Nothing was shown apart from a cinematic trailer and the description of "addictive, lighting fast arcade gameplay", so that sounds good. Avicii Vector, being produced by the famous musical artist of the same name, is a multiplayer music game where you fly around, with dynamic changes to both music and the environment as you do so. One of the games announced at E3 this year was Horizon: Zero Dawn and that got a trailer detailing RPG elements to be found such as experience points, quests and crafting, which has the game looking better and better the more it is talked about. Next is a trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, which highlights more heroes and villains that are going to be playable, like Han Solo and the Emperor.

Tekken 7 was also announced at the event, with a trailer that shows Tekken through the ages though barely anything about the newest one- not even a release date. Next is another open world sand box title inspired from Minecraft- wait don't run yet! This isn't a clone, Boundless will feature cross-platform PS4 to PC interaction and a unique visual style to set itself apart...but will it compete? Carrying on the fighting them set by Tekken earlier, Street Fighter V got a trailer featuring everyone's favourite fire-breathing stretchy man Dhalsim.

To round out our games from this week we have some bikes, some dinosaurs and some scares. DriveClub Bikes is exactly what it says on the tin; it's the driving game, DriveClub, but it now has bikes integrated into it as either a standalone game or expansion. If you've ever wanted to experience the Jurassic Park/World-esque thrills of running from dinosaurs, you'll soon be able to, as Robinson:The Journey from Crytek does just that with Playstation VR support. Clever girls. Last but certainly not least is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood which lets you see inside the mind of one of the characters in the game using the Playstation VR, which is a neat little addition to the acclaimed horror game.

Is there anything you guys plan on getting? Tell us down below!

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