Friday, 16 October 2015

Nintendo's New Console Gets Dev Kits!

The Wall Street Journal has stated that Nintendo has begun the distribution of developer kits for their mysterious new system, the NX. Dev kits, to sum up, are given to third-party developers in order to test out the hardware of a new system, via modifications or software creation so that any planned releases for launch titles for example, will be ready when the system becomes available.

Apparently it would likely include "both a console and at least one mobile unit that could be used in conjunction with the console". From that information Nintendo may be looking to merge its two consoles into one for its next step up in the console world.

Currently those said consoles are their Wii U and the 3DS, the latter of which has had more success in the market than the other, but both of which have already had a few years to mature in sales in the market.

One of the complaints that caused the Wii U to not sell as much was the fact that it didn't match its competitors, so now Nintendo are planning to put "industry-leading chips" in the new system- good news for graphics connoisseurs.

The late Satoru Iwata said that it was a "platform dedicated for videogames", and Tatsumi Kimishima who succeeded him planned to make sure this was a reality.

So far, I'm interested- the Wii U didn't exactly blow me away, but if this manages to pull off a Wii and innovate more significantly, it could actually go toe-to-toe with the current consoles. Even if the "console war" has calmed.

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