Wednesday, 14 October 2015

F2P Fighter Shut Down After Just Three Months

Bandai Namco's Free-to-play (F2P) fighting game, Rise of Incarnates will be shut down after only 3 months of public release. Yeah, I didn't really know what the game was either- but that's why they're closing it down really. Which is actually quite a waste.

It was a fast paced 3D 2V2 online brawler, and was released on Steam on the 1st of July of 2015 after undergoing Early Access even earlier in the year, in February to be precise. It will no longer be available to purchase as of today, and will have complete server shutdown after the 15th of December

Rise of Incarnates is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, and featured re-imaginings of different Gods and mythical figures fighting it out in pairs. It featured unlock able characters, costumes and combo moves you could do in pairs. While the Gods and post-apocalyptic setting had been done before, they weren't exactly combined in this way before, which made it quite unique.

Developed by some of the team behind other, more well known fighting games such as SoulCalibur and Tekken, and was intended to be another entry into F2P gaming. It was supposed to have the
"necessary attributes that create a rich and dynamic gaming environment that fans are sure to enjoy."

Their previous entry turned out just as badly- Soul Calibur:Lost Swords was released by them April last year on the PSN, and was met with universally negative feedback, and ultimately the same fate, as it is shutting down in November this year as well.

 It didn't even have multiplayer, a staple of the franchise, and was littered with microtransactions and other F2P-isms. But the reason that had lasted so long was because it had gained around 2 million downloads- this barely had any.

It did not attract a large enough audience, but they thank everyone who had supported the game. I don't think it looked that bad and at times actually looked entertaining (check out this gameplay of it)-even if I had only heard about it very recently (read: 1 day ago). It actually had above average reviews and stands at around 3.5/5 - 7/10 - on Metacritic, so the meagre audience it attracted seemed to be the only reason it went under. It certainly looked better than Lost Swords.

 It shouldn't deserve to go out like this, but with this failing, does that mean new Free-to-play IPs will only succeed when under the name of a pre-established franchise? Who knows, but this definitely supports that theory.

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