Friday, 23 October 2015

Leaked Battlefront 3 'What would have been' Footage

Today some leaked video from the developers of what would have been Battle Front 3, Showing a impressive ground to space combat system. The whole feel of the trailer is much more similar to that of Battlefront 1&2.

The TimeSplitters and Second Sight studio had been developing the game for two years when LucasArts pulled the project back in 2006, Free Radical's ground-to-space technology is shown off in detail, as the player can be seen flying around huge areas set on Hoth and Coruscant, then off into space to battle TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers.

Earlier glimpses have showed a pre-alpha version of the game. This build is far closer to a finished version, perhaps pre-beta.An ex-Free Radical employee stated after the game's cancellation that the studio's ground-to-space was "dying with us", and that the next Battlefront title (then in development at UK studio Rebellion) was being rebuilt from the ground up, with the ground-to-space transition replaced by a cut-scene.

This year, DICE will release a new Battlefront, where Vehicles can be called into action but not climbed into, and travel space is entirely off-limits. Much to my extreme disappointment.

Watch Footage Here:

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