Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hideo Kojima's Permanent Holiday

Stated by the New Yorker in an article posted on October 19th, Kojima had officially left Konami as of the 9th of October. However a Kotaku article on the subject suggests otherwise- apparently he's only "on vacation".

It is true that Kojima and Konami's relationship has been less than stellar, as recorded by other news websites. Konami took the legendary designer's name off of all marketing for the conclusion to the MGS franchise, Metal Gear Solid 5, and completely shut down Kojima Productions in charge of making the game, which, while the game was well received by the public, was less well received by fans who thought the game was just plain unfinished. There's strong evidence to support that two, as a quarter to a third of MGSV left out a whole chapter. I think Kojima isn't one to skip out on story elements, so that definitely wasn't as intended, and he could have faced pressure to release on time.

In addition to the unfinished nature of a game that did get released, a game that sadly never will is the cancelled Silent Hills, which featured the involvement of visionary writer/producer/director Guillermo Del Toro, and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Although with the shutting down of his studio, production for this stopped as well.

Some reports said Kojima would remain with Konami until the end of the year, when his contract ended, but that seems to be wrong, as he left on October the 9th, with even a farewell party to go along with it. Or did he?! *cue shocking reveal music*
In a translated statement to Tokyo Sports made by Kotaku denies the creator's departure. "Currently, Kojima is a listed company employee at Konami," and "Currently, Kojima  and the development team are finished developing Metal Gear Solid 5 and are taking a long time off from work" the spokesperson says. When faced with the picture above they had said "We're not sure about what kind of thing this was".

So according to Kojima, they've left, but Konami says Kojima and his entire development team are "taking extended periods of time" off. I doubt the latter is the correct one, but if it were, then what was the point of the events in that photo happening? Oh well, it seems as if Konami's definition of "extended periods of time" is eternity.

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