Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Better Safe Than Sorry, Snake

Metal Gear Solid V has gotten a lot of stick for its microtransaction-laden Mother Base mode that requires players to pay with real money if they wanted a better FOB base - there's no way to earn a better FOB by playing through the game. Well, now it's gotten even worse - an announcement on the Konami website reveals that, in a new update today, you're allowed to buy FOB Insurance, a product that, during the insurance period, replenishes all of your stolen goods and men due to FOB attacks. As you can guess, the only way to buy this is with real money, so people are in a bit of an uproar over that, understandably.

But Konami didn't stop there. They've also announced the prices for HORSE ARMOUR (Yes, they thought this was a good idea) which is 79p for each piece of armour, that isn't available by playing through the game. There's also the Tuxedo, an item that's been unlockable in most MGS games but is now locked behind a paywall, and to top it all off there are some suits for female operators that open up at the chest for "tactical advantage". Yes, MGS V is now trying to annoy everyone after earning love from its fans.

And not only that, but Bungie have announced that Destiny will be getting microtransactions, which really doesn't surprise me anymore. From next Tuesday, players can (But hopefully won't) buy 18 new emotes using a new currency called Silver which will presumably not be unlockable in the game. The price hasn't been announced yet, but it'll surely be a bad one.

It's so sad to see so many games plagued with microtransactions and micro-DLC. This all stemmed from people finding it acceptable in Dead Space 3, and has now morphed into this horrible, money-grabbing monster. Microtransactions are fine in F2P games - Team Fortress 2 and Loadout are especially good at making games fair, but giving players who pay a little advantage. You've probably heard this rant a million times, but please, please don't use microtransactions in ANY full price game. You've payed your money, now you should be allowed to play unhindered. Any other system is bullcrap.

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