Saturday, 12 September 2015

SWTOR Lowdown: Twitch Con Dev Stream!


Swtor announced on Instagram the other day that they will be streaming at Twitch Con  showing off Chapter 1 The Hunt in the upcoming expansion on Sept 25 and 26.

Fallen Empire @ TwitchCon

WHEN: Thursday, Sep. 25th – Friday, Sep.26th (10AM – 6PM PDT / 5PM – 1AM GMT)
WHAT: Join developers and guest streamers for a first look at Chapter 1: The Hunt in Knights of the Fallen Empire!
Don’t miss the dramatic opening of the Outlander storyline and prepare to embark on an iconic story-driven adventure your choices determine the fate the galaxy!
With some Guest Streamers!
Guest Streamers include: TowellieeLobosJRLulaboo,ZombiUnicornLadyInsanity,JoblessGamersAureylian and more!

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