Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sam's Rainbow 6 Siege Beta Impressions!

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So the Rainbow Six: Siege beta started on Friday, and Carlo, I and a some friends got together and blew some buildings to pieces. Here's my impressions of it:

What's most striking about Rainbow Six is how easy it is to pick up the controls. The controls for all abilities are always on the screen just in case you forget them, and each control makes sense. It feels responsive, and doing things such as rappelling down a skylight feels really cool. Speaking of the gameplay, it feels fast and slow at the same time. Matches don't take too long, and in the end it all comes down to twitches, but the planning before is great - choosing where to breach, how to breach and how to organize yourselves feels great.

Speaking of teamwork - working with 4 other friends (Or any less) is obviously the optimum way to play the game, communicating and barking orders at each other. However, I tried playing by myself to see how it feels, and the good news is that the game pretty much plays the same. Playing with a mic is ideal, but I still felt like our team was organized when I played without.

There were 3 modes in the Beta: Secure, Bombs and Terrorist Hunt. Out of all 3 of them, Bombs was the best mode, as you've got two points to attack as a team, plus the added bonus of having to protect the person carrying the defuser - or retrieve it if he dies. Secure is supposedly about capturing an area but just devolves into team deathmatch, and Terrorist Hunt is fun with friends, especially in the nigh-on impossible Realistic mode.

There weren't too many Operatives in the beta, but I got a good idea of what best suited my playstyle. There are some that feel a bit overpowered (Blitz and Thermite especially) but I'm sure they'll be balanced in the future. I'm looking forward to more classes, as well as more maps. While the house is a bit too small for my liking, I'm a huge fan of the Embassy. It's big enough to flank in all sides, yet has plenty of choke points to cut off invaders.

Last of all, the glitches. There are so many - I've had crashes, my drone falling through the floor and a load of texture glitches, but the craziest one I had was, when I rappelled up a building, my view was flipped upside down and my controllers inverted. Still, this is a beta, and I'm sure they'll be fixed.

Overall I'm still hopeful for Rainbow 6 Siege. It feels more fresh than other shooters coming out this year - with Black Ops 3 multiplayer being a bit dull and Battlefront looking horrible, I think Siege has the oppurtuntity to freshen up a genre that I've lost faith in.

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