Monday, 14 September 2015

Quiet no longer killing save data in MGSV

For anyone who didn't know, there was a recent major glitch in the recently released Metal Gear Solid 5 TPP involving Quiet corrupting the game saves of any players who took her on missions 29 or 42.
I personally had never experienced it, considering I had only gotten to main mission 14 after 25 hours played, AND was warned prior and during playing the game, and D-Dog is better than everything anyway.

But, for the unlucky, their entire saves were erased.  However, now players who take the scantily clad sniper with them on those missions will no longer experience that bug- at least on PC and PS4- as confirmed on Konami's Twitter.

As for other systems, they should still stay safe from Quiet's scope as they have not been fixed yet, but will likely soon will be. Let us know if you've experienced the glitch or just your experiences with the game so far!

Also, to be in for a chance to win codes for the Rainbow Six Siege Beta, check out the article posted earlier!

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