Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mortal Kombat X's four new Kombatants!

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! Wait a second, wrong fighting game. Oh well. NetherRealm has released a new "Who's Next?" image showing the silhouettes of four new playable DLC characters.

In addition to that, new skins and a new environment will be available, and all of that will be coming in the first half of 2016. Now this is doubled from their previous game's -Injustice- 4 DLC characters and no maps.

Some may argue they are milking it somewhat and overdoing it, with $30 worth of skins and characters being released again, making all the DLC the cost of a full game. I personally disagree- most of the DLC is aesthetic, and none of the previous characters were "broken" or overpowered.

On to speculation- the one to the left appears to be one of the ninja characters in the game, perhaps the purple one, Rain (yes, purple rain), or the grey ninja, Smoke. As for the others, they are less obvious, what with the right one having an oddly shaped head and the others being less clear. Perhaps one of them, specifically one at the back could be one of the cyborg ninjas, Cyrax or Sektor?

We've also had two movie characters already in the form of Jason Voorhees and the Predator, so perhaps one or two could be from the silver screen as well.

Who do you think could be the new Kombatants? Who do you want to see? Let us know!

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