Thursday, 10 September 2015

Gotta Catch Em All


Try not to get too excited, but Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have announced Pokemon GO, an app for iOS and Android releasing in 2016 for free. In it, you'll be able to catch and battle Pokemon in the real world, exploring your surrounding area and capturing monsters using your phone's GPS. Not only that, but there'll also be a Pokemon GO Plus wristband available that lights up when a Pokemon is near and allows you to capture Pokemon without opening the app.

Now, there's plenty of reason to be excited for this - the app is free, after all, and exploring your neighborhood and collecting Pokemon sounds pretty cool. HOWEVER, there are a couple reasons why you should be a little skeptical, the first being that this is a free app, and therefore is almost guaranteed to have microtransactions. I could imagine having to pay for Pokeballs or having to wait for more otherwise, which will take a little fun out of it. The second reason is that this isn't even an AR game: the screenshots at the end of the video clearly show a computer-generated environment. Only a minor qualm, but a little less cool.

Trailer of the Day today goes to the Hardware: Rivals Announcement Trailer, which is a sequel to 2002's vehicle combat game Hardware: Online Arena, one of the first online PS2 games. Announced on the Playstation Blog today, Hardware: Rivals will offer all sorts of cars, from buggys to tanks, and there'll be community events to keep the game fresh.


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