Thursday, 24 September 2015


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An iPhone and iPad port of Bioshock was released last year, to a collective "ehhh". Some were excited to play one of the greatest games of last generation of their phones, while others thought that series didn't belong on mobile, the whole atmosphere it creates wouldn't be as effective on phones. The latter half were right - the iOS port resides on a measly 68 on Metacritic, with critics complaining about the clunky controls and basic graphics. It didn't get much better after that, either - after the arrival of iOS 8.4, the game was completely unplayable, and as a result of that, 2K has pulled it from the iOS store. Not only that, but anyone who has the game in their library but not currently installed cannot install it either It's like when P.T was taken down, except I imagine people won't be selling their phones for $1000 with Bioshock installed on them. Not like that's ever happened with a mobile game.

This demonstrates the biggest reason why mobile gaming won't take over console gaming anytime soon. A console will never have an update that breaks every game on the platform, plus OS updates are less frequent on consoles, meaning that there's less that can go wrong. This is why Android consoles have never sold too well - they're always less reliable and supported a lot less than actual consoles.

Trailer of the Day today goes to the Cities: Skylines After Dark "Storybook Release Trailer", which has some lovely narration to it. The night looks absolutely stunning, and the DLC adds plenty of new buildings and features that elongate a game that's already full to the brim with content thanks to the modding community. One to watch.


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